Healthassist Podcasts
with Dianne Savastano, BSN, MBA

Host Dianne Savastano, a professional healthcare consultant, helps you navigate the complexities of todayís healthcare system with very simple advice on everything from communicating with your doctor to understanding your insurance coverage. Dianne will empower you with her insiderís knowledge of how the system really works while providing practical tips for working with your care providers.

  • Episode 101: Making the Most of Your Doctor's Visit
    In this episode, Dianne shares ten tips for making the most of your visit with a primary care doctor. Download Episode 101
  • Episode 102: Advice on Specialists
    In this episode, Dianne shares advice on how to locate a specialist physician and maintain good communication between multiple care providers. Download Episode 102
  • Episode 103: Managing Your Hospital Stay, Part I
    Dianne reviews 12 things to consider about your hospital stay and shares her insider survival techniques for each. This episode features six considerations. Download Episode 103
  • Episode 104: Managing Your Hospital Stay, Part II
    Dianne reviews her remaining six considerations for hospital stays and shares her insider survival techniques for each. Download Episode 104
  • Episode 105: Skilled Nursing Facilities and Rehab
    Not all hospital stays end with a discharge to home. Sometimes rehab, or a stay in a skilled nursing facility is warranted. Dianne explains how care in such facilities is provided and what you should do to research your options before being admitted to the hospital. Download Episode 105
  • Episode 106: Taking Care of Mom
    Millions of Americans today are caring for aging parents. In this episode, Dianne interviews Christine Sullivan, executive director of the Enterprise Center at Salem State college about how she managed her motherís medical care while still working a demanding job and raising her own family. If youíve ever felt alone in your struggle to take care of mom or dad, this podcast is sure to resonate with you. Download Episode 106
  • Episode 107: Elective Surgery Requires Research
    In this episode, Dianne interviews Katherine, a woman whom, after years of being a passive participant in the healthcare process, decided to take action - learning how to assert herself, and actively seek a situation which would result in the outcome she wanted to help better manage her Parkinson's disease. Download Episode 107

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